2024/04/25 16:01

Price changed by the exchange rate in a month

The selling price is $10,000 U.S.D, and due to the system, the price does not change in real time due to exchange rates. However, it changes on the 1st of every month..現在、日本においては、日本国...

2023/06/19 15:40

47 storey, an online shop by JTB corp with Alipay

RBaba is a unique venture that blends Japanese culture, wabi-sabi, and etiquette with luxury products. Their mission is to deliver the spirit of Japanese Zen to homes worldwide for Well-being.Luxur...

2023/05/02 16:54

Japanese Luxury : Wabi-Sabi & Samurai History

Japanese luxury, first of all, the famous Japanese culture, wabi-sabi.Wabi-Sabi : A world where beauty and loneliness coexist.The tea room and Zen spirit are also part of the wabi-sabi culture.Calm...

2023/04/04 07:48

Efforts toward carbon neutrality

Wood absorbs CO2.Our products use wood, so we are naturally conscious of decarbonized management ^ ^The Ministry of the Environment's efforts to promote the use of wood will have a significant effe...

2023/01/15 15:01

Luxury Relax,Well-being:To improve mental health

Japanese Luxury Relax & Well-being  Video : To improve mental health Japanese Relax, Tea Ceremony in the office, at home.Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs is famous for his love...

2022/10/05 06:42

フェムテック推進 EXPO vol.2 たくさんのご訪問ありがとうございました^^

DMMオンライン展示会^^フェムテック推進 EXPO vol.2たくさんのご訪問ありがとうございました^^https://online-event.dmm.com/main/page/femtech2210/アーカイブは1年見れます^^

2022/09/20 06:46

Woods in Japan: Birthplace of most famous Samurai

Production area:Luxury interior : Production area of Japanese Zen Tea House^^Lumber from Owari, Aichi in Japan, where Nobunaga Oda was born.Nobunaga Oda is Japan's most famous general in...

2022/09/19 19:00

Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs loved Zen.

Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs is famous for his love of Zen.When things were not going well at work and at homeHe met a Zen monk named Hirofumi Otogawa.Zen is about purification.These words are sai...

2022/08/13 14:48

Love the movie Top Gun 1986, Top Gun Maverick.

I love the movie Top Gun 1986.AndTop Gun Maverick review^^I Experienced in MX4D seats ^^.Profitable movie theater business model"is summarized in the framework1. incorporate attraction elements suc...

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Japanese Zen Tea House の実物を見られたいお客様へ旅行割引情報^^


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この商品に使用されている柱です^^片桐銘木工業(株)https://www.katagiri-meimoku.net/国産杉。 JAS認定すみ 愛知県産材認証機構 認定番号:P‐036「あいち認証材構造用集成材」です。これは、想像の域を超え...

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椅子に座り続けることが苦手なお子様に「集中する癖をつける環境を」 教室に1時間で組立できる2畳の和室。教育総合オンライン展示会