2023/05/02 16:54

Japanese luxury, first of all, the famous Japanese culture, wabi-sabi.

Wabi-Sabi : A world where beauty and loneliness coexist.

The tea room and Zen spirit are also part of the wabi-sabi culture.

Calm your mind with Japanese manners & etiquette.

And We do think that the Samurai history of Japan is an important point when talking about luxury.

There aren't many Japanese products in marketing that are tied to the history of samurai culture. 

However, I think samurai culture is interesting from the perspective of world history. 

I think the relationship between the history of the samurai culture and the product deserves luxury. 

Nobunaga Oda is arguably the most famous samurai of Japan.

Our products use wood from Owari, Aichi Prefecture, the birthplace of Nobunaga Oda.

Nobunaga Oda is Japan's most famous Samurai, innovator in history.

He was a very rational thinker, a revolutionary who eliminated old conventions one after another.

Who is Oda Nobunaga? There is a supplementary theory, but Oda Nobunaga is recognized as an innovator who stuck to original methods with rational thinking in terms of warfare, organizational personnel, etc. The Battle of Nagashino changed the way wars were fought, systematically using guns that were still scarcely distributed against the Takeda cavalry, which was said to be the strongest at the time. In terms of how to create an organization, regardless of social status, if a proposal was good, he was given a challenge, and those who achieved results were promoted. He is a Japanese samurai innovator.

Check  [The battle of Nagashino 1575] on Youtube.

The man is Nobunaga Oda (1534-1582) .

Inuyama Castle, Japan's oldest wooden castle tower

Inuyama Castle, Japan's oldest wooden castle tower built in the 16th century and a national treasure, is also made of wood from Owari. (*There is a difference between cypress and cedar) Inuyama Castle, located in Inuyama City, Owari, is one of only five designated national treasures in Japan. It is the oldest wooden castle tower in Japan. The castle is said to have been built around 1588 based on tree ring research on cypress trees. The pillars of our tea room are made of cedar wood, which is less durable than cypress, but is made from the same Owari wood as Inuyama Castle. We believe that using Owari wood means using quality materials for a long time.