2023/01/15 15:01

Japanese Luxury Relax & Well-being  Video : To improve mental health 

Japanese Relax, Tea Ceremony in the office, at home.

Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs is famous for his love of Zen.

When things were not going well at work and at home
He met a Zen monk named Hirofumi Otogawa.

Zen is about purification.
These words are said to have opened his eyes to the spirit of Zen.

When things were not going well at work or at home
When your head, heart, and spirit are all messed up

It is important to calm your mind by putting yourself in a place where you can be "Mu-shin," where you can feel something extraordinary and heal.
and calm your mind.

Ideas learned from my Zen teachings ^^ 
1. Don't compare yourself to others, do what you can 
2. Don't regret the past, but because of the past, there is now

By the way, I think I've seen a whole bunch of movies about Steve Jobs.
My favorite movie (drama) is "Pirates of Silicon Valley" ^^.

Mindfulness To improve mental health.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath.

Meditation on tatami mat at work, at home everyday,

To improve mental health.

The floor is Japanese tatami mats. 

You can feel the luxury Relaxation on the Tatami mat,
 To improve mental health.

Wouldn't you like to set up a Japanese Zen Tea House in your home or office and relax on the floor every day?

Luxury interior DIY Kit