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Production area:
Luxury interior : Production area of Japanese Zen Tea House^^

Lumber from Owari, Aichi in Japan, where Nobunaga Oda was born.
Nobunaga Oda is Japan's most famous general in history.
The man is Nobunaga Oda (1534-1582) .
 [The battle of Nagashino 1575]  on Youtube.

Who is Nobunaga Oda ?
He is the most famous Japanese Samurai. 
He was a very rational thinker, a revolutionary who eliminated old conventions one after another.

The major battles that will be known to Nobunaga Oda are the Battle at Okehazama and the Battle at Nagashino In the 1500s..

The Battle of Okehazama is said to have been won by Nobunaga Oda in his twenties with about 3,000 soldiers against Yoshimoto Imagawa with about 30,000.

The Battle of Nagashino in 1575 is said to be the first organized use of guns by Oda Nobunaga to defeat the Takeda forces, which had the strongest cavalry at the time.
[ The battle of Nagashino 1575]  on youtube.

Domestic cedar. 
JAS Certified Summit 
Aichi Prefectural Material Certification Organization Certification Number: P-036

Inuyama Castle, Japan's oldest wooden castle tower built in the 16th century and a national treasure, is also made of wood from Owari.
(*There is a difference between cypress and cedar)

Inuyama Castle, located in Inuyama City, Owari, is one of only five designated national treasures in Japan.
It is the oldest wooden castle tower in Japan.
The castle is said to have been built around 1588 based on tree ring research on cypress trees.

The pillars of our tea room are made of cedar wood, which is less durable than cypress, but is made from the same Owari wood as Inuyama Castle.
We believe that using Owari wood means using quality materials for a long time.

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